Diplomatic & Freeport Sales: FAQs

How can I place an order?

You may fill-in our contact form and our dedicated Diplomatic Sales Consultant will keep in touch with you directly. Further information and requirements will be provided, depending on your eligibility.

What equipment/specifications are included in the vehicle?

Each Mercedes-Benz is tailored according to your needs. Starting off with the right engine and standard safety systems of your car, you will be guided through the individual specifications fit for you. A wide range of options for every vehicle from paint, seats, interior trim, wheels, and other equipment are available.

How long does it take before the vehicle is delivered to me?

This will vary depending on your desired model and availability of the earliest available vehicle production slot.

Does the price include shipping?

Yes. Freight and marine insurance charges are included in the total cost of your vehicle. Shipping costs may vary depending on your preferred destination port nationwide.

Can you give an additional discount on the tax-exempt price?

We have special discounts for all eligible customers. This is applicable for the total price of the vehicle which includes the individual optional equipment.

How much deposit should I pay?

A minimum 15% deposit is required in order to book your vehicle production.

When is the remaining balance due for payment?

The remaining balance is payable upon the scheduled vehicle production, and before delivery.

What are the payment terms and in what currency?

All our diplomatic vehicles are sold in EUROS, and are paid directly to Mercedes-Benz AG through an international remittance.

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