The C-Class Estate.

Your place to wind down. The new C-Class Estate has everything to help you relax.

The exterior: luxury in its finest form.

Dynamic proportions, sculptured surfaces and high functionality characterise the design of the new C-Class Estate. Sportiness meets luxury. Perfection of the design: the tail end with two-section rear lamps.

The comfort: hallmark Mercedes. The vehicle dynamics: adapts to your drive programme. The new C-Class Estate comes with the DYNAMIC SELECT Switch as standard. Properties of the drive, the ESP®, the suspension and the steering can be altered with it. This means that you decide how agilely your new C-Class drives.


Contemporary luxury: the interior.

An oasis of calm. The interior of the new C-Class Estate sets benchmarks. Classic Mercedes: high-quality materials give you a luxurious feeling of relaxation. Modern and state of the art: the digital cockpit. Interact with your vehicle intuitively via touch now.


Makes the estate a comfort zone: functionality.

Standard in the new C-Class Estate: the EASY-PACK tailgate. It enables you to enjoy tangibly more loading comfort at the press of a button. Load and unload the vehicle conveniently at the press of a button. The tailgate opens or closes automatically.


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