Sprinter Panel Van.


A whole load of possibilities.

The Sprinter is as flexible as professional transport solutions need to be - it is up to almost anything that will lighten your daily workload. With its safety features, ease of drive, and customizable interiors, the Sprinter ensures that there’s a suitable vehicle for every type of application.


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On course for success.

There’s just so much you can move with the Sprinter. Ever since its launch in 1995 it has been one of the most successful vans in the world. It has even given its name to a whole segment – the “Sprinter class”. We have continually improved the Sprinter for you – as a technology flagship in terms of economy and safety and equally with regard to comfort and design.

The Sprinter is also exemplary when it comes to safety and comfort, offering a comprehensive range of assistance systems. And its all-round progressive design makes it a role model in terms of appearance, too.

All of which adds up to make the Sprinter a true top performer that is always there for you when you need it. Its comprehensive scope of equipment and individualisation options ensures that there’s a suitable vehicle for every type of application.

Your safety is our primary concern.

Your safety has top priority on board the Sprinter. It is the first van to feature Crosswind Assist1,  as standard. This supports the driver specifically in the event of unexpected strong gusting crosswinds, thus enhancing driving safety. As does the ADAPTIVE ESP® Electronic Stability Program, whose dynamic handling control system also takes due account of the vehicle’s load in critical situations. Additional valuable functions are Brake Disc Wipe1 and Electronic Brake Prefill1, which can help to shorten the vehicle’s stopping distance.

Other elements of the comprehensive standard scope of safety equipment are a driver airbag, three-point seat belts with belt tensioners and belt force limiters for the driver’s and co-driver’s individual seats, 2-way head restraints, load-securing rings, hydraulic brake system, adaptive brake lights, tyre pressure monitoring system1 and exterior mirrors with integrated additional wide-angle mirrors. Additional items of safety equipment are optionally available for the Sprinter.

Work can be so pleasant.

The Sprinter combines functionality and comfort to perfection: sitting in your comfortable and robust seat, the touch-start function enables you to start up the Sprinter conveniently by briefly turning the key. The steering wheel offers a good grip for perfect steering – most appealingly in the optional version as a multifunction steering wheel with leather covering and trip computer. The optional Audio 10 or Audio 15 radios provide for on-board information, entertainment and communication functions. For route guidance, the optional full-scale Becker® MAP PILOT1 navigation solution is available. And the numerous functional stowage facilities, such as the compartments above the windscreen, offer plenty of stowage space for a neat and tidy interior conducive to relaxed working.

A van that drives like a car.

When you drive the Sprinter, you’ll hardly believe that you are sitting in a van. Particularly with the optional 7G-TRONIC PLUS 7-speed automatic transmission, it offers the efficiency, smooth running characteristics and ride comfort of a passenger car. 7G-TRONIC PLUS shifts gear extremely efficiently and gently, thereby reducing fuel consumption and noise. Lowering of the vehicle by 30 mm1 also improves ride comfort, as well as aerodynamics.


Not available for the Sprinter with 5000 kg and 5500 kg perm. GVW. Crosswind Assist can also be retrofitted on vehicles produced in 2012 or later which have the ADAPTIVE ESP® Electronic Stability Program on board.  In rain, this system removes the film of water from the brake discs on a cyclic basis, thereby helping to reduce the stopping distance. Reduces the response time when brakes are applied, thereby shortening the stopping distance. Standard for vehicles with a permissible GVW up to and including 3500 kg and with passenger car registration.

Standard equipment.

Standard Steering Wheel

Gear-/Selector Lever

Audio 10 radio

Customization Ideas.

Whatever your plans, your Sprinter will fit the bill – you’ll find the perfect transport solution for your tasks in the Sprinter range.

Seating Configuration

Leather Seats with diamond cut pattern

Executive Seats

Entertainment System

Automatic Privacy Screen

Automatic Sliding Door

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